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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The ultrasonic flow meter is widely used to measure liquid flow in various industries thanks to its advantages such as smart body, high accuracy, good repeatability, long-running cell, easy operation, built-in printer etc. The ultrasonic water flow meter is very popular in industries like petrochemicals, water, power, energy monitoring etc. It’s exported to Japan, Korea, Australia, America etc. 


Our handheld ultrasonic flow meters series feature advanced transit-time measuring technology, providing accurate and reliable flow rate and total flow display, they utilize a non-invasive transducer which is hand-held or strapped to the outside of a pipe,which will provide benefits of non-fouling operation and ease of installation.

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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China Warranty: 1 year Customized support: OEM Brand Name: GN Model Number: CX-HUFM Medium: water, oil Output: RS232 Power supply: DC24V Display: Local LCD Display Connection: Clamp on connection Accuracy: 1.0% Explosion: Yes Turn down: 10:1 Certification: CE
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