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Hot Melt Pump

The hot melt gear pump is mainly used in high-temperature and high-viscosity polymer melt transportation, pressurization, and metering. The hot melt pump pressurizes and stabilizes the pressure of hot melt polymers coming from the extruder, then sends them into extruder dies. The hot melt gear pump' s ability to stabilize the pressure and flow is better than all kinds of extruders. The hot melt glue pump in the foreign countries widely apply plastic, resin, and rubber extrusion, such as pelletizing, film, pipes, plates, etc.


With the increasing development of mechanical industries, our hot melt glue pump is increasingly accepted and applied by domestic.

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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China Power Source: Electric Structure: Gear Pump Warranty: 1 years Brand Name: GN Model Number: CX-GWMP Horsepower: OEM Cable Length: OEM Outlet Size: OEM Power: OEM Motor: OEM Product name: High-temperature Hot Melt Pump Pressure: High Pressure Application: Metering Flow capacity: 0.15-3.6 CC/r OR 6-30(±3%) CC/r Working speed: 5~200 r/min Temperature: 200℃-350℃ Usage: Glue; oil; water and others Material: Stainless Steel
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