CX-RPFM Rotary Piston Flow meter

Flow meter is a new type of rotary piston positive displacement meter with high-quality which has been designed for the first time in China. Since it owns many advantages such as smaller flow rate, wide flow range, high accuracy, optimized structure, high reliability, more competitive than the similar type positive displacement flow meter, Flow meter becomes an ideal oil flow meter used in all kinds of vehicles that take the most popularity in all the energy measuring system,scientific research system, traffic system, dockyards and other factories.


Wide measuring ranges


High precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: CX-RPFM

Accuracy: ±1%,±0.5%,±0.3%

Medium: Gasoline, diesel oil, coal oil

Viscosity: 0.6~200 MPa.S

Nominal pressure: ≤1.6

Intensity of magnetic: 5A/M

Working temperature: -40~+110℃

Flow range: 1~16000L/H


Application Area

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