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CX-F3 마이크로 가스 질량 유량계 1
CX-F3 마이크로 가스 질량 유량계 1

CX-F3 마이크로 가스 질량 유량계

Mass Flow Controller(MFC)를 정확하게 측정하고 제어하는데 사용됩니다. 가스의 질량 흐름. 그들은 과학 연구와 연구에 중요한 역할을 합니다. 반도체, 집적회로 등 다양한 분야에서 생산 절단 산업, 특수 재료 분야, 화학 산업 및 산업 strial, 제약, 환경 보호 및 진공 램프. 일반적인 응용 분야는 다음과 같습니다. 융합, 에피택시, CVD, 산화, 플라즈마 에칭, 스퍼터링, 이온 주입 표기 ; 및 코팅 장비, 광섬유 제련, 미세 반응 장치, 혼합 가스 분배 시스템, 모세관 측정, 가스 크로마토그래프 및 기타 분석 기기

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    기술 데이터

    모델 번호: CX-F3

    정확도: 0.5%

    작동 압력: 3MPa

    베이스 재질 : 316L

    흐름 범위: 1.5~150sIm

    다행인 손:Φ3/Φ6/Φ10/1/8〞/1/4〞/3/8 〞

    힘: DC +15V/24V

    아날로그 값: DC 0~5V/4~20mA

    Used to accurately measure and control the mass flow of gas

    The digital type is the left side style, with LCD display, instantaneous and total flow, pressure, temperature can be displayed at the same time and can be equipped with RS485/232, the MODBUS protocol analog type is the right side style, without digital display and no communication function

    The range ratio of the flowmeter is 1:100, the valve control range of the controller is 1:50 the minimum can measure 2SCCM and the maximum can measure 3000SLM

    The base material of the flow meter controller is S316L, and the material that contacts the gas is also SS316L. It can measure some weak corrosive gases. When measuring other strong corrosive gases and organic solvent gases, it should be declared when ordering.

    The standard accuracy of gas mass flowmeters is 0.5%. 1.0% of reading, and the repeatability of 0.5% full scale accuracy is 0.2%. The accuracy of the controller is 1.0% (full scale accuracy)

    The flow range of the miniature gas mass flow controller is the same as that of the flowmeter, the valve control range ratio is 50:1, and the proportional control valve accuracy is 1.0%.

    Digital value RS485 MODBUS;Analog value DC 0~5V ,4~20mA

    Mass Flow Controller(MFC)Used to accurately measure and control the mass flow of gas. They play an important role in scientific research and production in various fields such as semiconductors and integrated cir- cuit industries,special materials disciplines, chemical industry, and indu- strial, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and vacuum lamps. Typical applications include: electronic process equipment such as dif- fusion,epitaxy,CVD,oxidation,plasma etching,sputtering,and ion impla- ntation ; and coating equipment, optical fiber smelting, microreaction devices, mixed gas distribution systems, capillary measurement, Gas chromatographs and other analytical instruments

    note: The mass flow meter and mass flow controller are usually calibrated with nitrogen (N2). The unit of mass flow is stipulated as: SCCM (Standard ml/min); SLM(Standard l/min) Standard state stipulates: temperature -----273.15K (0℃); Pressure -----101325 Pa(760mm Hg) F.S (Full Scale); Full-scale value

    Micro gas mass flowmeter(图10)

    Micro gas mass flowmeter(图11)

    Micro gas mass flowmeter(图12)

    Micro gas mass flowmeter(图13)

    Micro gas mass flowmeter(图14)


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