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CX-HUFM-100 휴대형 초음파유량계 1
CX-HUFM-100 휴대형 초음파유량계 1

CX-HUFM-100 휴대형 초음파유량계

TDS-100H는 다양한 산업 분야에서 액체 흐름을 측정하는 데 널리 사용됩니다. 스마트 바디, 높은 정확성, 우수한 성능 등의 장점 덕분에 반복성, 장기 실행 셀, 쉬운 작동, 내장 프린터 등 유량계는 석유화학, 물과 같은 산업 분야에서 매우 인기가 높습니다. 전력, 에너지 모니터링 등 일본, 한국으로 수출됩니다. 호주, 미국 등

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    모델 번호: CX-HUFM-100

    정확도: ±1%

    최대 작동 압력: 0.6MPa

    통신: RS232 인터페이스

    보호 등급: IP65

    측정 파이프 직경:DN15-6000mm

    되풀이: ±0.2%

    측정 단위: 0-120℃


    Hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter realizes non-contact measurement of liquid flow. Install the sensor on the outer wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement. It has the characteristics of small size, convenient carrying and accurate measurement.

    When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, the flow rate of the liquid changes slightly with the propagation time. The change in the propagation time is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid. When the flow rate is zero, the time required for the two sensors to generate and receive sound waves is exactly the same (the only Time measurement technology of zero flow), when the liquid is flowing, the transmission time of the sound wave in the upstream direction is longer than the transmission time of the sound wave in the downstream direction.

    It can display instantaneous flow, total flow, velocity and other parameters at the same time.,RS232 interface, connect with computer to realize real-time data collection, built-in rechargeable battery.

    Small sensor dn15-100mm Medium sensor dn50-700mm Large sensor dn300-6000mm,Handheld sensor dn50-700mm Handheld sensor dnDN15-100,Insert type B sensor more than 80mm,Sensors below Dn40 (including Dn40) are π type pipe section type

    Standard aviation plugs are used for quick connection, respectively upstream and downstream sensor jacks, to achieve quick disassembly and assembly.

    TDS-100H is widely used to measure liquid flow in various indus tries thanks to itsadvantages such as smart body,high accuracy,good repeatability,long-runningcell,easy operation,built-in printer etc. The flowmeter is very popul ar in industry likepetrochemical, water, power,energy monitoring etc. It's exported to Japan, Korea, Australia,America etc.,Accuracy: +1% Repeatability: +0.2% Easy to install outside the pipe 4 line display: Instantaneous flow rate,Accumulate flow,status Standard interface RS232 for data output and on-line operation Self-diagnose to show the current status Built-in Nickel-hydrogen cell supports 10 hours of operation

    Pipe size(DNJ 15-100 50-70D 15-100 50-700 300-6000





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