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OGM-II 액체 루츠 유량계 1
OGM-II 액체 루츠 유량계 1

OGM-II 액체 루츠 유량계

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    모델 번호: CX-OGM-II

    정확도: ±0.5%

    최대 작동 압력: 0.6MPa

    자료: 알루미늄 합금

    접근 직경: 3/4 인치, 1 인치

    흐름율: 10-80L/pm

    되풀이: <0.2%

    측정 단위: L,Gal,Qts,Pts

    OGM-II liquid Roots flowmeter

    It is suitable for transporting and measuring liquids with high viscosity. It is widely used in industrial commercial fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, transportation and so on. Low pressure loss, compact structure, easy maintenance

    Operation principle diagram When the liquid enters the measuring chamber, the two roots will be rotated by thepressure difference between inlet and outlet. The roots are fixed on a pair of gearswhich are toothed together. The pressure difference moves the roots which are rightlypositioned by the toothed gears.Continues rotation of the roots moves the liquid frominlet to outlet.One complete rotation of the roots will scrape out 4 moon-shapes ofliquid. With speed gear mechanism,the rotation of the roots can be translated asreading data of liquid volume onto totalizer.

    1. Threaded connection Horizontal or vertical flexible installation Access diameter: 3 / 4 inch, 1 inch ,2. Thread connection Low pressure loss and high accuracy

    The gears do not touch each other, so they are not easy to wear. The aluminum alloy cavity is light in weight, strong and durable, and not easy to rust.

    With reset to zero and total accumulation function, one click to read data, get rid of frequent operations. Four unit conversions (L, GAL, QTS, PTS)

    The utility model relates to a positive displacement flowmeter, which is suitable for transmitting and measuring high viscosity liquids, and is widely used in industrial commercial fields such as petroleum, chem- ical industry, medicine, transportation and so on. Small pressure loss, compact structure, easy maintenance,• suitable for high viscosity media. • aluminum alloy materials • low pressure drop • compact and easy to maintain,Four units of measurement: l, gal, QTS, pint /pts Applicable scope: diesel oil, etc. shall be debugged according to diesel meter. Flow range: 10-80l/pm Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% Access diameter: 3 / 4 inch, 1 inch Repeatability: < 0.2% Maximum working pressure: 0.6MPa (100psi) Dormancy: no operation, automatic sleep after 20 seconds, and automatic opening after any key.

    OGM-II liquid Roots flowmeter(图8)

    OGM-II liquid Roots flowmeter(图9)

    OGM-II liquid Roots flowmeter(图10)

    OGM-II liquid Roots flowmeter(图11)


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