V4 Fuel consumption flowmeter

The liquid flow controller has a liquid flow measurement function and can accept the computer to set the flow value and adjust it by PID. Control the regulating valve to automatically complete the flow adju- stment. Flow controller has small size, high integration, high accuracy, and adjustment time Small, easy to use, stable work, etc., according to different media, ne- ed to have explosion-proof function. The liquid mass flow controller is capable of collecting liquid flow from the pipeline and is capable of accepting computer settings via PID The program controls the regulating valve to complete the automatic adjustment of the flow. The flow controller has small volume, high inte- gration and high accuracy. The adjustment time is small, the use is convenient, and the work is sta- ble


Wide measuring rangesMechanical dialHigh precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: V4 

Accuracy: 0.5%

Working pressure: 32bar

Material of base: copper

Flow range: 1~100L/H

Power: 5~18V/DC

Interface: M14x1.5

Working temperature: -40~80℃


Fuel consumption flowmeter--

Dateiformat P D F

Application Area

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